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Ten Ways Cities Will Define Our Human Future

The bestseller, Smart Cities for Dummies, provides details on how cities will define our future. Here is a brief summary that is expanded upon in the book.

  1. Most People Will Live, Work, and Play Their Entire Lives in Cities
  2. The Increasing Demands of Sustainability Will Shape Human Behavior
  3. City Interactions Will Increasingly Be Digital
  4. City Data Will Drive Community Decision-Making
  5. People Will Have Expanded Opportunities to Co-Create and Collaborate On Urban Solutions
  6. Crime May Be Reduced Significantly
  7. More Diversity Will Show Up in What Humans Do and How They Work
  8. The Way People and Goods Move Will Continue to Evolve
  9. The Delivery of Healthcare Will Be Transformed
  10. Everything Will Be Delivered

You’ll find an explanation of each of these 10 areas in my new book and a lot more clear guidance on building a smarter and more sustainable community.

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